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Celebrating Māori business success, reporting on Whāriki updates, and sharing research, insights and opportunities for pakihi Māori.

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Kūmara Soup for Your Matariki Feast

To help with your Matariki feast, we thought you might like an easy recipe you can make this Matariki and share with your friends and Whānau. Our Marketing Manager Matt (runner up My Kitchen Rules 2023) has created this delicious soup recipe for you.

Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship

The Mangōpare Air New Zealand Pilot Cadetship is an all-inclusive training programme that accelerates the journey to becoming a commercial pilot from the typical 24-36 months to approximately 14 months.

Art, tikanga, sustainability, and aroha in the tangihanga industry

Mahora Massey (Ngāti Whakaue, Te Whānau-a-Apanui), founder of Korowai Caskets, is on a mission. With a keen eye for design and a passion for environmental sustainability, Mahora has carved out a unique space in the tangihanga industry.

Summer Brons' Journey from Sun-Kissed Glow to Entrepreneurship

In the safe tanning industry, Summer Brons stands out as an example of natural beauty and skin health. Summer entered the industry with a personal quest for confidence and wellness. Despite her love for a sun-kissed glow, Summer's skin was prone to b

Tūpuna Maunga Authority presented recreation award

The Tūpuna Maunga Authority was thrilled to announce winning the 2023 Recreation Aotearoa award, Whāiao Māori, announced early 2024.

Spotlight: WHĀRIKIx2024 Mākete Stallholders

Celebrating our Local Pakihi Māori: WHĀRIKIx2024 Mākete Stallholders

Reflecting on WHĀRIKIx 2024: A Gathering of Minds, Wairua, and Aspirations

Explore the wairua of WHĀRIKIx: A celebration of kōrero, katakata, and community, beautifully captured in our latest blog

Navigating Entrepreneurship and Māori Marketing: Insights from ATA

Kiriana Eparaima-Hautapu, co-founder of ATA, a Māori social media agency, shares her experiences, challenges, and wins in carving a niche in the dynamic world of marketing while championing te reo Māori.

Nature's Koha: From Forest to Face with Hana Botanicals

In the beautiful rohe of Te Tai Tokerau, nestled in Awanui, lives Zhanae, one of the passionate co-owners of Hana Botanicals - blending tradition with a modern twist.

Naturally Āio: Embracing Rongoā Māori in Modern Skincare

Discover Amika Kruger's journey with 'Naturally Āio', blending traditional rongoā Māori with modern skincare. From nurturing her whānau's wellbeing to inspiring natural remedies, explore her inspiring story in our latest feature.

Welcoming New Horizons: Introducing Our Newest Kaimahi at Whāriki Te Tai Tokerau

In this latest update from Whāriki Te Tai Tokerau, we warmly welcome our new Kai Urungi / Project Lead, Stuart Selkirk. Stuart brings a wealth of experience in hauora and business, ready to uphold our network

Tūāpae Vineyard: Cultivating Tradition, Sustainability, and Unique Māori Flavours on Waiheke Island

In the heart of Waiheke Island, nestled within the lands of Ngāi Tai ki Tāmaki, lies Tūāpae Vineyard, a Māori-owned gem producing exquisite wines with a deep connection to the whenua and the rich history of Aotearoa.

Ka Rere - Air New Zealand's Diverse Supplier Accelerator Programme

Applications are now open for Ka Rere - the Air New Zealand Diverse Supplier Accelerator programme. The programme provides pakihi Māori with an opportunity to access a range of skills and experience within Air New Zealand as well as a $20k cash grant

Tips for Resetting As We Head Into a New Year

Whether your focus is on your pakihi, whānau, or relationships, insights from our network of pakihi Māori offer guidance to help you end 2023 on a high note and set the stage for an incredible 2024.

Christmas Pavlova Recipe

This Kirihimete, why not give Nan and your Aunties a break and whip up your very own Christmas Pavlova? Skip the expenny store-bought ones – trust me, homemade is tastier and way easier on the wallet.

How to Make Parāoa Parai Like an MKR Cook

Kia ora, everyone! I'm Matt, runner up cook from MKR New Zealand 2023 and the Marketing Manager at Whāriki. The Whāriki team love my Parāoa Parai recipe and thought it would be a good idea to share just in time for Kirihimete!

Turning a vision into a reality with PledgeMe

The journey of turning a vision into a reality is often paved with challenges and moments of inspiration. For Natalie, the founder of Seasick Sunscreen, this journey was marked by a significant milestone: a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Maximising Your Business Visibility with the Whāriki Business Directory

The Whāriki Business Directory is prime real estate for hunting down Māori-owned businesses. Being here amps up your visibility, potentially bringing more digital foot traffic your way.

MWDI Māori Businesswomen's Awards 2023: The Afterglow

The annual MWDI Māori Businesswomen’s Awards are a celebration of the vision, resilience, and unwavering determination of Māori women in business and shine a spotlight on the significant contributions of wāhine Māori entrepreneurs and professionals.

Maximising Success with 'Google My Business' - A Guide for Pakihi

In today's digital world, having an online presence is crucial, and we want to share how you can make the most of Google My Business products to get your business noticed.

Crafting Culture: Maioha Studio's Artistic Odyssey in Contemporary Māori Jewellery

Explore the captivating journey of Maioha Studio, where tradition meets contemporary Māori jewellery. Join founders Claudine Muru and Cassandra Arthur in unveiling their artistic tale, from funding dreams to navigating social media.

Taking production from a kitchen to a factory

After extensive research, Nat turned her kitchen into a lab, where she formulated her eco-friendly sunscreen using just four naturally-derived ingredients. She then spent three years listening to customer feedback before launching her sunscreen.

Kōrero with Adrian Smith, co-founder of Māori fintech, BlinkPay

The future of modern payment solutions lays in the hands of this Māori fintech leading the charge; they recently launched an innovative payment solution with BNZ, enabling New Zealanders to shop online without a credit or debit card.

Kōrero: Pakihi Pathways to te Reo Māori

How can we celebrate, tautoko and awhi every step, no matter how big or small? We spoke to three pakihi Māori about the learning pathways they are paving in their business and how they support their kaimahi if they want to pursue reo immersion.

Contract Bidding Opportunities: Emerging Suppliers Programme

The Auckland Council whānau are committed to growing the number of pakihi Māori suppliers they work with, and have launched a programme to provide contract bidding opportunities for emerging Māori suppliers.

TORU: Rautaki Bookkeeping, MMB Builders and Rerehua Boutique

TORU is a new series where we kōrero with three pakihi about business. Find out what our whānau from Rautaki Bookkeeping, MMB Builders and Rerehua Boutique have to say about the pros and cons of owning your own pakihi.‍

Kōrero with Vincent Egan, CEO of Māui Studios

Imagine a world in which you can enter a Meta-whenua, a virtual marae space for engaging in te ao Māori that is culturally safe, educational and meets you where you are. Māui Studios is in the business of making that virtual dream a literal reality.

Kōrero with Joelle Holland, Founder of Hawaiiki Pēpi

We caught up with Joelle Holland, owner and founder of Hawaiiki Pēpi for a kōrero about the whakapapa of her self-funded pakihi selling products for pēpi and the 'why' behind their kaupapa.

Kōrero with Junelle Kunin, Founder of Mana Mahi

Always coming back to the importance of whakawhanaungatanga and manaakitanga both in her pakihi, Mana Mahi, and within the hiring process, Junelle Kunin has a wealth of experience when it comes to all things kaupapa Māori recruitment.

Kōrero with Heather Reed, Co-Founder of Knoxfit-Hauora

If you've been seeking a Māori-owned fitness and wellbeing facility, let us introduce you to Knoxfit-Hauora, the next iteration of co-founder Heather Reed's first pakihi, Hauora Wellbeing Studio.

4 Valuable Podcasts to Listen to Regularly as a Pakihi Owner

Wrap your taringa around interviews with notable pakihi owners, just like yourself and stay up to date with the latest economic and political news. These podcasts are sure to inspire your mahi.

5 Practical Ways AI Can Boost Your Small Business

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help improve your business operations and achieve growth. For many, AI feels foreign and scary, but it can offer practical solutions that can enhance efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

Best Practice Hiring Tips for Pakihi Owners

As a business owner, it’s crucial to stand out and attract potential employees. Junelle Kunin offers her invaluable advice on how to achieve this in an authentically Māori way.

Kōrero with Amber Taylor, CEO of ARA Journeys

The aspiration for ARA Journeys has been described as a “distinctly Māori, tech company to promote health and wellbeing through a Te Ao Māori lens.” We spoke to co-founder and CEO, Amber Taylor about her business journey so far.

The Whakapapa of Whāriki

Our kaupapa has long been to tautoko and uplift our pakihi Māori community by creating moments of connection and celebration through storytelling, networking events and digital workshops!

Kōrero with Daniel Tupara, Owner of AOTEARAW Denim Co

We caught up with Daniel Tupara, owner of AOTEARAW Denim Co for a kōrero about ARDC, a self-funded, tangata whenua owned denim house producing only the highest quality goods - no compromise.

Kōrero with Natalie Jones from Seasick Sunscreen Co.

Nat's a passionate conservationist, who loves to be outdoors, and knows the importance of wearing sunblock every day. She went on a mission to create a daily-use sunscreen to protect us from the sun, without harming the environment.

Kōrero with Esther McDonald, Owner, Maker & Designer of Thea Ceramics

We spoke with the very talented Esther McDonald (Ngā Puhi, Ngāti Wai and Ngāti Pukenga), owner, maker and designer of Thea Ceramics about making mistakes, staying focused and dedicating her mahi to her whānau.

Soil and Sand Win Māori Enterprise Award

The journey of Soil and Sand is an inspiring tale of humble beginnings, steadfast dedication, and innovative creativity. Founders Stephen and Charlee Taua have masterfully woven ancient stories into vibrant and trendy clothing designs, capturing the attention of the younger generation.

Welcoming You to Our Digital Whare: The Launch of Whāriki Te Tai Tokerau’s New Website

In collaboration with Callaghan Innovation, we've created an engaging, informative, and user-friendly digital whare to facilitate connection, the sharing knowledge, and amplifying the voices of Māori businesses in Northland. 

Empowering Māori Businesses: A Look Back at Te Kōtiri Pakihi Hīkoi

Earlier this year, Whāriki Te Tai Tokerau set out on an exciting journey: Te Kōtiri Pakihi hīkoi. Today, we're thrilled to share the success of our workshop series, aimed at empowering and supporting Māori businesses across Northland. 

Meet Our Team: Event Manager, Jess Hibbert

Jess is our talented new Event Manager, tasked with connecting, empowering and increasing capability for our pakihi Māori by creating spaces and events for our members to learn and exchange knowledge.

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