About Whāriki

Whāriki is a metaphor for the weaving of whanaungatanga in business. Our kaupapa is to provide a platform that facilitates the sharing of experiences, collaboration, and forming of connections with one another.
Our Mission

Tō Mātou Whakatakanga

We are committed to developing the Māori economy by helping businesses lift their capability, expand their capacity and substantially increase their profitability, enabling the growth needed to build employment opportunities for others.
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Growing our brand and capacity to remain a well respected and highly regarded agent for, and on behalf of, our Māori business community.

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Having a strong and connected network of Māori enterprises, entrepreneurs and leaders who provide mentorship, opportunities and support to each other.

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Fostering strong relationships with government officials and  key decision-makers who have the power to enact changes that benefit Māori.

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Story Telling

Changing the narrative of Māori success by actively celebrating and showcasing our members, therefore inspiring future generations of Māori entrepreneurs.

Our Values

Ō Mātou Uara

We are committed to fostering strong relationships based on strong kaupapa Māori values.


We are connected through whakapapa, relationships andfriendships. We are there for each other in times of challenge and celebration.

Mana Motuhake

We are proud, we celebrate who we are and what we do. We stand on our tikanga and will not comprise this.

Taki Tini, Taki Tahi

Our collective strength, strengthens the individual. At times we must act as one but we do so with the support of the many.


Whai mātauranga, he painga mou. Seek knowledge, experience, and understanding for the betterment of your business, for your whānau.


We uplift the mana of one another to maintain our own mana.

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