Soil and Sand Win Māori Enterprise Award

October 26, 2023
We at Whāriki Te Tai Tokerau are delighted to spotlight the recent triumph of Soil and Sand clothing firm, the deserving recipient of the Māori Enterprise Award at the Te Tai Tokerau Māori Business Awards 2023. As facilitators of this esteemed event, we are honoured to support and celebrate Māori businesses making waves in their respective industries. 

The journey of Soil and Sand is an inspiring tale of humble beginnings, steadfast dedication, and innovative creativity. Founders Stephen and Charlee Taua have masterfully woven ancient stories into vibrant and trendy clothing designs, capturing the attention of the younger generation. Their business, based in rural Hukerenui, has grown in popularity, with a following of 11,900 on Instagram and 8,700 on Facebook. 

In the face of increasing popularity, Stephen Taua emphasises the company’s unwavering commitment to their roots: “We’re just a humble little business… we just try our best, try our hardest, to give our customers the best product we can.” Their ethos of humility echoes the values we deeply cherish in our Māori businesses. 

Their products – kākāhu, pōtae, singlets, shirts, and more – are aimed at rangatahi, incorporating elements that resonate with them. Taua explains: “Appealing to them is our main focus, and whoever we capture in that web is a bonus.” 

Taua brings to light an interesting aspect of Māori businesses – their tendency to stay out of the limelight: "It’s taken us seven years to put our foot forward and say, ‘Hey, look, we are a Māori business and we are successful’." His call for Māori businesses to step into the spotlight and celebrate their success is both empowering and necessary. 

We invite you to explore Soil and Sand’s inspiring range of clothing on their website. Let's continue to celebrate and uplift Māori businesses in Te Tai Tokerau and beyond. Nau mai, haere mai, let's join together to build a future that cherishes our roots while embracing growth and innovation. 

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