Whāriki Te Matau a Māui

Te Matau a Māui
Māori Business Network

Our vision is to foster a sustainable, prosperous, and rapidly expanding Māori economy. Driven by mana whenua, Te Matau a Maui Māori Business Network has partnered with Whariki to bring networking and growth opportunities to the Māori Business sector in our rohe.

Our foundation lies in our ancestral connections; we are unified through whakapapa, embracing the strength of whānau and oneness.

We provide a culturally safe space where Māori businesses can come together, network and grow as a unified force within the regional and national economy.Through innovation, creativity, and a profound reverence for our culture, we unapologetically pursue substantial economic prosperity for our people. We invite you to join us on this journey of progress and prosperity.

Welcome, come aboard, and rise with us at Te Matau a Māui Māori Business Network

The hope for change, starts with a safe place to connect and grow. 
It starts with Whāriki.